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Contract Management

about Contract  Legislation

Since 2003, The Continuum Coordinator duties require that they manage, coordinate and oversee the management of the contracts and programmatic delivery that fall under Grant Funding. Juvenile Continuum Grant Funds, of the New Mexico Administrative Code establishes the manner in which money appropriated by the New Mexico state legislature to the juvenile  continuum grant fund, and other money accruing to the fund as a result of gift or deposit, shall be awarded pursuant to the Continuum Act, Laws 2007, Chapter 351.

Authorized by the federal Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act, Title II State Formula Grants support innovative state efforts to adhere to the standards that reduce the risk of harm to court-involved youth, ensure fair treatment of minority youth improve the way systems address delinquent behavior, and ensure citizen involvement and expertise through the State Advisory Groups / Juvenile Justice Advisory Council.

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Fiscal Agent Roles

Fiscal Agent Roles

Each country defines its own Fiscal Agent Roles. It's important to distinguish the Continuum Coordinators Role from the Fiscal Agent Role. 

It should be noted that Continuum Coordinators who are contracting with the county / city as a fiscal agent and are paid from the continuum funding through CYFD cannot attend the Grant Proposal  Meeting.

Contractual Continuum Coordinators cannot work directly on the Grant Application from CYFD; they can be consulted by the fiscal agent as the fiscal agent develops the Grant Proposal.

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A Fiscal Agent is defined as the Party responsible for executing the CYFD Grant Agreement including but not limited to the application, monitoring and ensuring contract compliance throughout the funded fiscal year.

Requests to Subcontract

Requests to Subcontract

A Subcontractor is an entity that receives a sub award from a local/county/tribal government entity to carry out part of the Juvenile Continuum Grant Agreement.  The following information provides further detail on requirements on behalf of the Coordinator when a subcontract is in place

Subcontractor Definition:

The approval to use subcontractors must be obtained prior to execution of the subcontract and services being accessible. Once the subcontract is executed, a fully executed copy must be submitted to the Agency. Sites will not be reimbursed for services provided by subcontractors for whom approval has not been obtained and/or falls outside of the subcontract execution dates.

The request to subcontract must pass through numerous offices. Please allow for one to two weeks for a response.

a. Subcontracts should not be written as a straight draw-down of funds (lump sum payments whether one-time, monthly, or quarterly)

b. Reimbursements are monthly and must reflect actual services performed or expenses incurred. If services are being provided, reimbursements must be submitted

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c. Subcontracts should mirror the requirements in the Agreement held with the Agency and there must be no transference of liability for the Agreement. The Contractor is fully liable for all terms and deliverables of the Agreement

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