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Board Development and Support

Developing Juvenile Justice Continuum Boards is required when a county or city receives funding from the New Mexico Juvenile Justice Continuum Fund.

about Board development

If a city or county applies for continuum funding, they are required by the New Mexico Juvenile Continuum Act to develop an Advisory Board to create and guide a continuum of services. Currently there are twenty Juvenile Justice Continuum Boards in New Mexico. Under the Juvenile Continuum Act, all Continuum Boards are required to have officials and public agencies, and tribal equivalents, whose partnership in the juvenile justice continuum is statutorily required.

Required Stakeholders

  • a unit of local or Tribal Government

  • the Children’s Court

  •  the District Attorney

  • the Public Defender

  • a local (municipal, county, tribal) Law Enforcement agency

  • the Public School district

Besides the required partners, many boards encourage community involvement by inviting representatives of public agencies (advocacy organizations), private nonprofit organizations, families, and youth membership to sit on the Board.

Member Applicaton / Invitation

Board Member Application / Invitation

Strategic Planning

For more Strategic Plans, visit the Annual Reports Page HERE

Strategic Planning Sample #1

Valencia County Strategic Planning Map

Strategic Planning Sample #2

Los Alamos Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning
Meeting Sign In Sheet

Meeting Sign In-Sheet


Meeting Minutes Sample #1

Luna County Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes Sample #2

NM Continuum Board Meeting Minutes

Needs Assessments
Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement Training

Outline of Youth Manual

A. The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA)

B. The State Advisory Group (SAG)

C. How to be an Effective SAG Member

D. The JJDPA Core Requirements:

1. Core Requirement: Deinstitutionalization of Status Offenders

2. Core Requirement: Sight and Sound Separation

3. Core Requirement: Jail Removal

4.Core Requirement: Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC)

E. Become the Expert – Educating your Legislature

F. State Three-Year JJDPA Plan

G. Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ)

1. CJJ National Youth Committee

2. Annual CJJ Spirit of Youth Award

3. Other CJJ Opportunities

Youth Engagement Manual

NM Can Website

Sample Bylaws
Sample MOUs

Sample MOU's

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