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There is a list of duties Continuum Coordinators and the CYFD Special Programs Unit have compiled, in order to best aid coordinators in successfully fulfilling their role. These duties and the Coordinators role description are described in the section below. Additionally, Continuum Coordinators are required to fill out, and submit to CYFD annually, “Activity Logs” which define Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee activities and all related expenses.

List of Coordinator Duties

List of Coordinator Duties

The following list was developed through the collaborative effort of the continuum coordinators and the CYFD Special Programs Unit. These are the activities from the Grant Guidance and the Scope of Work within the contract for FY20.


Community Advisory Board Staff Support

Organizes, coordinates and provides staff support for the Community Advisory Board (CAB); this will include board development activities in conjunction with the CAB chair

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Submit Meeting Dates / Minutes to Grant Manager

Informs the Agency's Grant Manager of the date of each meeting and submits a copy of the written minutes of each meeting within thirty (30) days of the meeting


Facilitating Subcontract Requirements in Programs

Coordinate/oversee the programmatic delivery of subcontract requirements of local Continuum service providers


Submit Monthly Reimbursement Requests

Submits to the Agency's Grant Manager monthly requests for reimbursement.  Such requests will be submitted on Agency Program Invoice and Expenditure Report forms, signed and sated by an authorized agent of the Contractor, to ensure that requests for reimbursement are submitted by the due date of the fifteenth (15) day of the following month, unless otherwise approved by the Agency's Grant Manager, in advance


Provide Monthly Data Reports from Programs

Provides data reports as required by the federal government, corresponding to the activities described in this Scope of Work. The Agency's Grant Manager will provide the data report format. Programmatic data reports will be submitted monthly to the Agency and must accompany the monthly invoice. Failure to submit such programmatic data and financial reports may result in notice to the Contractor of non-availability of funds and/or the denial of payment by the Agency


Complete and Submit Progress Reports Month

​Provides the Agency standardized progress reports monthly


Complete and Submit Progress Reports Month

​Submits to the Agency a written "Final Report" no later than 15 days after the termination of this Agreement and such other reports deemed necessary by the Agency. The Final Report shall contain at a minimum, but not be restricted to:

A.  a year plan for sustainability of programs/services;

B.  accomplishments/

milestones achieved during this Agreement period;
C.    statements regarding achievements, obstacles and progress made regarding the performance measures and related outcomes; 
D.    continuing development and improvement of the Comprehensive Strategic Plan for a continuum of detention alternative program and services


Attend Meetings

Attend meetings as required by the Agency


Submit Meeting Dates / Minutes to Grant Manager

Attend job-relevant training for professional development and Continuum networking


Facilitating Subcontract Requirements in Programs

Promote Programs with schools, local government, agencies, and youth and parents through community presentations, events and meetings.

Coordinator Duties and Forms

Activity Logs

Activity Logs

Timecards and activity logs supply detail. They are to be cross-checked for overbilling, duplication of services and/or billing, the sum of hours/payment calculating correctly, and unallowable activities/services/hours.

Please remember that the Contractor and its subcontractors shall not solicit for donations for a program, nor lobby for political office/elected official while being paid with these funds.

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